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        ShenZhen MEGA Resources Group is a member of GLOBAL VPS GROUP INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL COMMITTEE, it’s an professional one-stop supplier of hotel equipments and appliances. Under its umbrella are ShenZhen Football Club, Shenzhen Mega-Resources Hotel Supply Joint-Stock CO.,LTD, Mega-Resources Linen Factor, Mega-Resources Kitchen Appliances, Mega-Resources ceramic Factory, JZJ Hotel Amenities Gallery and Bliss Model Hotel ,etc.


        From Founded  till now, We practice the operation concept of providing hotels  appliances with timeless integrated and professional services; obey the principle of providing  customers integrated services with time-saving, labor-saving, money-saving and worry-saving; carry out the policy of providing cheap, elegant, authentic, applied and complete products; The advantage lies in the same products of same brand and same quality, you could save 10%-15% in our totally 2,800 ,000 products, including  table sets, hotel facilities, linen and consumable goods, ceramic dishware, refrigeration equipments, kitchen appliances, knives and forks, hotel furniture, banquet table sets, glassware, dinning room appliances, staff uniforms, etc.


        In the year 2007, our company spent 180,000,000 funds to build the 100 Chinese  acres" International Hotel Appliance and Equipment One-Stop Purchasing Base "with functions for display, storage, distribution and process, etc, The exhibition hall covering 30,000 square meters has included all kinds of  hotel equipment and appliance, besides, in the hall there professional guide will introduce our products.


        In the year 2009, Group started its conglomerate management and  built the Mega-Resources Hotel Appliances Co.,Ltd. At present the first period area ofShanghai  branch has already reached 30,000 square meters, became the key project of Yangtze River Delta Region for hotel appliances market. Positioning "Collect Exquisite Equipments To Service Hotels All Over The World", efforts are made to offer one-stop purchasing service for the hotels in Yangtze River Delta Region and Northeast Asia.


        In 2010, “Window of world hotel appliances”,” China hotel appliances museum" and Bliss sample hotel are constructed to  extend  the "International Hotel Equipment and Appliance One-Stop Purchasing Base" functions , such as entertainment, research ,training, etc, and the area  covers nearly 60,000 square meters. These innovative ideas and bold moves impress the hotel appliances field.


        Through the efforts of all stuff in 2014, our company’s scale has continuously extended. The total area of our exhibition room reached 60000 square meters, and had have over 280000 kinds of high-level brand samples inside. We became the most biggest supplier with the samples mostly covered all the necessities of the hotel appliances and equipments.


        In year 2014 we keep forging ahead with a new starting, the leader of the global supply chain--VPS GROUP INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL COMMITTEE has became our company’s share holder. It created us a big integrated platform of hotel supply which is more adapting market rule and industrial features with strong capitals. Also it brought us a revolutionary new business model 5.0 – supplying the hotel appliances for free, and created a new way to selling the star hotel products for personal use. At the same time we became the share holder of ShenZhen Football Club, and help the club stayed in the front of the reform and opening-up place—ShenZhen.


        We have been developing under the direction of the necessary purchasing base of the hotels with complete after-service and repair system which satisfies the customers and society. In our continuous efforts and perfecting progress, we have both gained the rapid development of company and the appreciation of the customers and society.


        March, 2002, the company was awarded the honorary certificate of" Honest Enterprise For Non-Complaints On Product Quality And Service "   by  China Association for Technical Supervision Information .

        July, 2002, awarded the honorary certificate of "Chinese famous Brand" by World Famous Brand Association.

        August, 2002, awarded the honorary certificate of "Consumer Trusted Product" by Science Technology Information Institute of Domestic Trade Department.

        December, 2002, passed ISO9001 International Certificate of Product Quality Management System.

        December, 2002, assessed as "Shenzhen Top 10 Enterprise" by Shenzhen Enterprise Evaluation Association.

        December, 2003, selected as" Shenzhen Brand" by the deliberation of Shenzhen Market Economy Institute.

        July, 2004, appraised as" Tri-excellent Company (Quality, Reputation and Brand) "by China Urban Economy Research Institute.

        July, 2005, appraised as "AAA Quality & Credit Exemplary Company" and "Prestige Brand of China Market "byChinaQualityBrandAuditingCenter.

        March, 2006,  appraised as "First Class Management & Service Company ".

        July,2006,  honored as"Famous Brand of China" by Chinese Market Economy Research Committee.

        August, 2006, passed International Certificate of "ISO4000 Environment Quality Management System".

        June, 2007, appraised as "Five-Star Gold Award "and" Top 10 Brand Supplier Of China Hotel Industry "by Global Hotel Forum Organization.

        September, 2007, awarded as "Asia Famous & Fine Brand Award" by Asia Brand Ceremony Committee.

        September, 2007,  awarded as "Shenzhen Technology & Economy Integrate Service" by Shenzhen Expert Work Union.

        Feb, 2008,   named  as "the best  brand supplier of China Hotel Industry" by China Hotel Star Light Award Committee..

        Nov, 2008 , awarded as "  Top 500 Chinese Enterprises of World " by WCE.

        Sep, 2009 , awarded as "The Specified Product for the 11th National Games of PRC" by The National Games Committee.

        Nov, 2009 , honored as "Global Hotels·Top 10 Brand Hotel Suppliers" by GHA.

        Dec, 2009 , honored as "China Top 10 Credit Hotel Suppliers" by the CHAC.

        March,2010, honored as "China Best Hotel Appliances Purchasing Base" by China Restaurant Committee.

        March,2010, honored as” Gold award for displaying in EXPO”.

        October,2010,honored as" Happy Enterprise" by Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur Association.

        December,2010, honored as” Excellent supplier for Asian Games” by Asian Games Organizing Committee. 

        March,2011,awarded as"a national customer-satisfaction enterprise" by China Association for Quality Promotion.

        May,2012 awarded as “Shenzhen enterprise culture construction demonstration units”

        October,2013 awarded as “The Chinese hotel industry brand top ten good faith suppliers”

        March,2014 awarded as “China's hotel industry brand ten quality suppliers”

        December,2014 awarded as “China hotel association annual strategic partner”


        We always believe the reputation can only show the past., the key point of development is to offer best service to our precious customers. We will go on carrying out the service principle of "Create values for you and I" and the mission" Sincere service to affect you !" Your support and participation play a great role in our achievement. Without your concern and support, Our target" Scan widely to produce top brand" will never  be realized.

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