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Jan.2015 ZNY hotel supply chain public on HongKong stock market

Dec.2014 ZNY became the share holder of ShenZhen Football club

Dec.2013 ZNY starting preparation of public on stock market

May.2012 ZNY hotel appliances cultural village approved by LongGang government

Sep.2011 Be evaluated as “excellent supplier of ShenZhen Universide” by organizing committee

Apr.2011 Window of hotel appliances had been established  

Nov.2010 Be evaluated as “excellent supplier of Guangzhou Asian Games” by organizing committee

Apr.2010 ZNY’s branch Bliss Hotel opening up

Dec.2009 South room service appliances exhibition center with an area 35000 square meters come into use

Nov.2009 Be evaluated as “Top ten brand hotel suppliers” by Global Hotel Alliance

Oct.2008 ZJZ Hypermarket opening up, Linen factory opening up

Feb.2008 Be evaluated as “The best brand hotel suppliers” by China hotel starlight award evaluation committee

Oct.2007 ZNY PingHu center with an area 28000 square meters come into use

Aug.2007 Be evaluated as “Top ten brand hotel suppliers and awarded Five star diamond” by Global hotel BBS

Apr.2007 ZNY PingHu center established

Oct.2006 ZhongHao 10th floor Home of stuff and 13th floor new office with area 5000 square meters come into use

Aug.2006 Get approval of ISO14000 environmental quality management system international certification and ISO9001 international quality management system certification

Dec.2004 ZhongHao 9th floor exhibition room and 1th floor Distribution center with area 3000 square meters come into use

Nov.2003 Expand from half of 3rd  floor to 1000 square meters of whole 3rd floor

Aug.2001 Expand from 1/4 of 3rd  floor to 500 square meters half of 3rd floor

Aug.1999 ZNY registered with an area 40 square meters

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