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Company Culture

DNA of our Group: Reaching our target with our intelligencepowerresourceheart


Respect for business nature

Be obliged to our customer for helping us make our dream to come true.




Respect for teacher

Be obliged to our teacher for setting a good example for us..


                        Top ten general of company                                                     Top ten marshal of company                                                  Top ten experts of company



                           Annual sales champion                                                                 Sales billboard                                                                            ZNY energy platform


The enterprise culture 

Be obliged to our parents for raising us! Be obliged to our company for such a big platform!


                   The 88 things should be done during our parents still alive.                                                                       Practice filial piety starting from myself.


                                               24 ways to practice filial piety                                                                                              good example for practice filial piety


The enterprise culture 

Build up a purchasing platform with the principle of providing  customers integrated services with time-saving, labor-saving, money-saving and worry-saving. 

Build up a platform for all stuff to prove their value of life and make their dream to come true


ZNY target

Collecting world’s high quality products and serving for world wide hotels


ZNY statement


ZNY principle

Integrity guarantee quality, win-win creating glory.

ZNY 8 practices:

1.           To absolute obedience: Immediate implementation with do one's level best   

2.           To fight for the dream: the power comes from where dreams are   

3.           Focus and understanding, be happy to share with others      

4.           Practice what you preach, it is the starting of success 

5.           Successful impression: dress up with success, I’m a miracle of nature 

6.           Never tell a negative, always active, always positive

7.           Diligently、seriously、endeavor、responsibilitycontinue 

8.           To be a team player、to be a team player、to be a team player


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